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Our proprietary S.C.A.L.E. Method isn’t based on single channel,  short term thinking.  We’re a marketing partner that understands the full health of your eCommerce business helping you expand as a dominant brand.

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Case Study 1/4

The Skin Deep: $400,000 → $5M in 12 Months

The Skin Deeps Shopify account after working together…Great work, Topaz!

Project Brief:

Topaz is the founder of The Skin Deep, a New York-based eCommerce brand that focuses on empowering loving and meaningful relationships.

He had made a little bit of money ($400,000) and spent a few years developing a rock-solid brand that helped individuals and couples bond & grow their relationships through their Emmy award winning card game: The Skin Deep. Upon completing initial product development, he had his first exploding year, and scaled his business to 400k+ in ARR.

He started working with us, and within one month, the construction of the Facebook advertising strategy, marketing collateral, ad copy, audience development, and ads were completed.

Within 12 months, Skin Deep grew from $400k in ARR to $5M ARR. Topaz was so delighted with these results. They used the initial momentum to develop additional products and add new team members.


“We had done several hundred thousands in revenue, we had a great product, a great market, and hundreds of thousand followers. However, we felt like there was more potential growth that we hadn’t tapped into. We tried scaling with ads, but we’re unable to get success.

We were referred to Kendall & Robert by a close friend of ours, and we decided to start working with ScaleBold to build out our digital advertising strategy. They helped with our messaging, ad copy, landing pages, email marketing, sms marketing, Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Influencer, & Tik Tok advertising strategy.

The results exceeded our expectations tenfold. Within 12 months, we grew from $400,000 – $5M in annual revenue. The process worked and it was profitable. Because we had growth, we were able to add 4+ new team members and massively grow our brand. We are now growing massively with the system and foundation ScaleBold have helped build with us.”

Topaz Adizez,
Founder & Creative Director of The Skin Deep

Case Study 2/4

Touch Dolls: $86,000 → $1.5M in 3 Months

TouchDolls Shopify account after working together… they had to catch up to meet customer demand. Awesome work Cyndi!

Project Brief:

Cyndi is the founder of Touch Dolls, a Miami based fashion brand that offers high-quality and trendy clothing specifically for women. After making over 6-figures in sales strictly through organic traffic via Instagram, she knew that paid traffic would be the next best step. She just didn’t know how.

We quickly mapped out a concrete digital advertising strategy, based on Touch Dolls historic data and the results produced were almost unbelievable. We were able to 18x her online business through the strategic use of Facebook, Google, Snapchat, and Sms/Email backend marketing.

Her brand now does 8-Figures annually in revenue and is surely becoming a household name within the Woman’s fashion industry.


“We had several hundreds of thousands Instagram followers and a massive influencer presence, which drove a lot of organic revenue for our business, but we needed to buckle down on our paid traffic. After working with Robert and ScaleBold our return on investment was stratospheric, I can’t even quantify it.

We produced over 7-Figures in sales in a record-breaking time frame. I had to quickly ramp-up our fulfillment process with our suppliers to handle all of the orders coming in. It was definitely crazy, but nonetheless, a good problem to have”

Cyndi Valeska,
Founder & CEO of Touch Dolls

Case Study 3/4

Underneath Skin Care: $1M → $3.7M in 10 Months

$2.7M revenue growth in just 10 months… keep crushing it Ti!

Project Brief:

Ti is the founder of Underneath Skin Care, an amazing skin care brand dedicated to making women feel comfortable in their own skin! After producing over 7-figures in revenue through her personal brand, she hit a plateau and wanted to scale further.

Through the heavy use of strategic UGC content, and a well planned/budgeted media buying structure. We were able to 3.7x her online business, in just a short period of time.

Her brand now does multiple 7-figures in annual revenue and is well on it’s way to hitting 8!


“I had over a million Instagram followers with a massive personal brand, which ended up producing $1M in revenue for my business. Despite having massive success, I knew that in order to scale I needed to implement a paid traffic strategy behind Underneath Skin Care. After working with Robert/Kendall and the ScaleBold team, we scaled tremendously!

We practically tripled our business. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to take their brand to the next level.”

Ti Taylor,
Founder & CEO of Underneath Skin Care

Case Study 4/4

Kings Crowning: $4,000 → $195,000 in 3 Months

40x brand results for Kings Crowning. Darrell is amazing and we love working with him!

Project Brief:

Darrell is the founder of Kings Crowning, a Satin Lined Cap brand that offers modern day hair protection for both men and women. After making several sales and testing his product, he received rave reviews from his customers. He knew he had a winner, but struggled to get his digital advertising down-pact.

We optimized his website/product pages and boiled down on his content, messaging, and target audience. We adjusted everything to make his offer unique and compelling.

The results were staggering, within a few months we 40x his business revenue… crazy right? Darrell now has over 5,000 happy customers within his brand and is continuing to scale with our team. We’re excited for the massive growth his brand has achieved and we’re looking forward to growing it even further.


“After being stuck for a few months, not being able to scale properly through Facebook advertising, I decided to consult with ScaleBold. I explained my situation and how my product was high-quality and was getting amazing customer feedback but was unable to grow.

Once we had everything locked in, I couldn’t believe it. Within a few months my brand had grown to multiple 6 figures of revenue. I’m blown away haha. The goal for 2021 is to scale to 7-figures and there’s no doubt that we can get there”

Darrell Spencer,
Founder & CEO of Kings Crowning

The Problem

Honestly, is this the best way to profitably grow my brand?

Your current marketing strategy and systems could be doing more harm than good for your eCommerce business.

Wasting money with traditional agencies?

Are you wasting money working with agencies that aren’t performance based, lack creativity, and get zero results?

No data behind current marketing?

Are you completely lost on the current metrics of your marketing actions? Do you have a REAL system in place to track and attribute customers?

Lack realistic projections and growth?

Are you feeling confused and unsure as of where your business is heading? Do you lack realistic projections and a plan for growth?

Overwhelmed without a reliable team?

Are you overwhelmed with your current brand and need a result based team? Do you currently work in your brand and not on it?

The Solution

Work with ScaleBold to get predictable growth and generate customers.

We help you achieve this with our proprietary S.C.A.L.E. Method as shown below:

Step 1

(S) Systems

Nothing worthwhile is built without a proper foundation. Never guess again if your brand lacks the systems it needs to grow or not. Implementing our proven and highly effective systems almost guarantees that you’ll never have to rely on “hope marketing” again.

Step 2

(C) Content

Whether you like it or not, first impressions are everything. Having creative, yet captivating content is key to catching the attention of your future customers.

Step 3

(A) Ads

Your ads are the lifeblood of your sales process. Pairing persuasive language, with captivating content, and an authentic audience, will compose the purest form of traffic.

Step 4

(L) Logistics & Landing Pages

The moment of truth… Will it be a yes or no? The purchase decision directly correlates to the concreteness of your product page. Combined with your perfect customer, the answer will always be cha-ching!

Step 5

(E) Evaluation & Expansion

Scale is now imminent. Identify and analyze your most profitable data sequences, add fuel to that fire, and truly flourish like you never have before.

ScaleBold Is Here For You

Features That Help You Succeed

Unparalleled Support & Communication:

With ScaleBold you are never left in the dark. Our clients come first with a dedicated Account Executive for when questions arise.

Proven and clear Scaling Roadmaps & Strategies:

It says it in our name. When we are scaling campaigns our goal for our clients is to become the category king! Our step by step process enables our clients to have frameworks to follow at each stage of growth.

Strategic Partnership:

We give clients the true benefits of a partnership. This not only includes marketing but also an in-depth product and fulfilment consultation with your brand as you scale.


We Built ScaleBold To Change Ecommerce Scaling Systems Forever

If you’re an eCommerce brand owner, you’ve probably succumbed to the inevitable plague that is the “Traditional Agency” Unfulfilled promises and nil results that ultimately leaves you empty handed. We started ScaleBold to ensure that this will never happen again, the true “death” of the agency. Unlike most companies, we’re a strategic marketing partner who truly has skin in the game with your business. A partner that wants to grow with you and win with you, your success now becomes our success… literally.

We pride ourselves on working hands-on with our clients to ensure profitable growth. Backed by a team with result based talent, we custom cater our solution towards YOU, and give you the systems you need to bridge the gap between where you are, and achieving “SCALE”.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve profitably scaled many brands in many various niches, both low-ticket and high-ticket products/markets. It’s safe to say after being widely publicized, and awarded Facebook & Google Marketing Partners (by Facebook & Google) that we can confidently scale your current eCommerce brand.

We’ve profitably scaled many brands in many various niches, both low-ticket and high-ticket products/markets. It’s safe to say after being widely publicized, and awarded Facebook & Google Marketing Partners (by Facebook & Google) that we can confidently scale your current eCommerce brand.

To be quite frank, we want to speak with you before we dive into the specifics. We are confident that we can help brand owners at all levels, but we keep our partnership invite only. You see, we want to work with clients that we’ll love to grow with, and we want the feeling to be mutual!

We do. If you show up, follow our S.C.A.L.E process, and ask questions when they come up, we’ll make sure the return on your investment is massive.

The best way to find out for sure is to book a consultation with us. Again, we’ve profitably scaled many brands in many various niches and sizes, both low-ticket and high-ticket. But we want to speak with you directly to truly understand if we can bring tremendous value to your brand. This ensures that we both receive a great experience.

Yes! We only want to serve the customers we know we can help the most. If you’re an eCommerce brand that’s currently selling through an online store, we’re the strategic partner for you. If not, no problem at all, we’re just not a good fit for each other.

We designed our partnership to specifically cater to your brand and its current stage of growth. With our methodical approach to a successful launch, this would be best determined during our consultation when booked.

We’re a Strategic Marketing Partner and not an agency, in fact we despise agencies. When partnering with us, we truly have ‘’skin in the game’’ with your brand, ensuring that your success is our success… literally.


Hundreds of eCommerce brands have switched to ScaleBold, when will you?

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