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Search Engine Marketing Designed Strictly For Scaling DTC eCommerce Brands.

Many agencies are doubling down on Social Advertising (certain platforms may come to mind), only to have their profits tank due to the latest iOS updates or sudden shutdowns. 

This puts your brand at serious risk. As you continue to grow, diversifying your advertising portfolio becomes more important than ever. 

The problem?

Other agencies that promise profitable diversification through paid search and Google tend to fall short with empty promises, due to :

  • Becoming spread to thin across multiple platforms, putting your growth on the backburner 
  • Underspending or overspending due to a lack of market knowledge
  • Relying off of vanity metrics that seem great on paper, but add no value to your bottom line. 

Here at ScaleBold, we understand the important role that PPC and Shopping Campaigns can have in your growth, and we take your growth very seriously.

That’s why our team of Paid Search Experts has one goal and one goal only: Scaling your business (and revenues) by leveraging the power of Search Engine Marketing.

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Finding Advertising talent with Google ad acumen is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Google Advertising is a talent bottleneck, and that is setting ScaleBold apart from the competition quite quickly.

  • Take charge of your keywords
  • Optimize your bidding strategy
  • The full setup: Account, Campaigns, and high-level conversion tracking
  • Plus so much more.

What Our Expert Has to Say About the Lack of Google Based Talent

Hi, I'm Q. Davis

“As Head of digital performance I’m passionate about driving change and growth through digital optimization.

After managing millions in online advertising I’ve learned the true scaling principles of Google, YouTube, and all paid search.

While most companies have doubled down on the ever-changing landscape of social advertising, I am devoted to growing the size and quality of the whole Google Growth community. You can always rely on me for help.

I spend most of my time today on making top 1% marketing know-how available for everyone through our Scalebold Resources. I love Philosophy, behavioral biology & economics, camping, and trying to understand how the world works.”

Getting The Most Scale For Your Ad Dollars: The Three Biggest Mistakes Made in Paid Search Advertising

Mistake #1

Treating Paid Search like Social Media

AGAIN, these two modalities of advertising are vastly different yet somehow many so-called “experts” treat them the same. On social media it’s all about impressions and awareness, while on Google is strictly based off of the cost-per-click model.

Your business must be listed on Google in order to rank its true relevance to the user.

In many cases, your user has already been chosen for you and the quality of that user is much higher. But with that being said, while facebook is all about “poaching” advertising, Google is highly competitive with its bidding system in place and the Google adwords market is wildly competitive.

You are competing to be selected alongside your competitor brands, so while the stakes are higher- so is the reward.

Mistake #2

Failing to maximize customer Lifetime Value

Good customers are not cheap, and the cheap customers are not the customers you want.

Knowing how to increase your customers’ LTV can be the difference between building a 6-figure brand and a 7-figure brand.

ScaleBold’s proprietary Advanced Paid Search Strategies can help you maximize the value exchange between you and your most valuable customers over the lifetime of your business.

Partner with the experts who can help you take your customer LTV to the next level.

Mistake #3

Not investing in Youtube Ad creative

What if I told you I can give 30 seconds of attention for your business on a multi billion viewer platform for free?

When you partner with ScaleBold, we can help you leverage Youtube Ads to put your business in front of the people you want to reach. The best part? you only pay when they watch.

If your audience doesn’t watch, you don’t pay $$$.

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Ready To leverage Google At Scale?
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